For Students

Letters of Recommendation
 I am happy to write a letter for students that meet one or more of the following criteria:

-Took a class or multiple classes with me and personally engaged with me 
-Obtained an A or A- in my course(s)
-Participated as a research assistant, either for CAPC or CDCE
-Worked directly with me on a research project or honor’s thesis
-Worked with me on research or teaching related to your graduate education
-Developed a professional relationship with me

If you request a letter, please give me at least two weeks notice before the deadline. Also, please send me an email reminding me (about a week from the deadline) if I have not submitted a letter.

If you are unsure about whether I would be an appropriate letter writer for you or you would like to discuss how you should approach selecting letter writers, please feel free to email me (