My work is situated within the field of American politics with a concentration on minority/identity politics and state politics, and a specialization in Latino and Millennial and Generation Z politics. Broadly defined, I examine how varying identities influence the behavior of those within political institutions and among the mass public.

Featured Working Projects

Universitas 21

Universitas 21 (U21) is a network of 27 research universities around the world. I am currently a co-PI on a global survey project, in collaboration with six U21 global universities, that measures generational change, political engagement, and governance.

Published Work


Replication and Additional Information for previous projects

“Shades of Faith: Religious Foundations of Political Attitudes Among African Americans, Latinos, and Whites”
“The Drug-Laden Balloon: U.S. Military Assistance and Coca Production in the Central Andes”

“Economic Uncertainty, Job Threat and The Resiliency of the Millennial Generation’s Attitudes toward Immigration”